Regulus is an India based software outsourcing company that focuses on highly qualitative, timely delivered and cost-effective offshore software development. We are an IT solution provider with the professionally managed team, operating and serving clients in India and abroad. Our solutions are based on the innovative methodologies to ensure the optimized Return On Investments to our customers. At Regulus, we help technology companies transform their ideas into successful products.

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We are a Pune based Indian Software Company providing business solutions to our customers who not only get a very high return on their investment, but are also very much satisfied with solutions provided by us. To know us more, you can download our company profile.


What do we provide?

Application Development

We develop high quality business applications that help you increase operational efficiency and sustain your competitive advantage. We use agile methods to quickly build high quality business applications for standard technology platforms. Our tools, processes and best practices streamline development and apply automation and accelerators that increase the productivity and quality of software development.

Applications Development Services accelerate the delivery of high quality business applications with fewer defects, less rework and lower cost. With broad technology skills across all major platforms and technologies, we develop software applications that cost you less to build and less to run over their lifetime.

We customize our services according to each client's special needs by employing flexible service models drawn from years of experience helping our clients outsource software services. With a wealth of database integration and development experience to draw on and the latest Software Development knowledge literally at their fingertips, our team of developers can develop software solutions to overcome your business challenges.

Web Development

Regulus Technologies adopts a well-defined approach towards web application development and are highly skilful in developing a custom solution for your business. Our proficient team develops custom solution for companies across diverse industry verticals, irrespective of the size and budget. We offer cutting-edge apps for improving product quality. Our years of experience and distinct product quality has rewarded us with some of the big names/brands in the industry (as clients).

We deliver standard web applications combining our knowledge, experience, ability, latest trends, and cross-vertical experience. Our veteran experts will guide you through all the stages of development starting from idea conceptualization to product deployment. Our web development services are tailored specifically to meet client requirements and business objectives of customers. We have experience of delivering high performance web applications with complex functionalities and have achieved commercial success.

At Regulus, ASP.NET development encompasses long term solutions by domain and industry experts, so you can focus on more important aspects of your business. A consummate development framework with a capacity to provide spectacular user experience, our .NET development services ensure that your business is ready to support multiple platforms including web and mobile clients.

Mobile Development

With the introduction of Smartphone, the need for the Mobile Application Development has also increased rapidly in today’s world. Mobile apps have become necessity in today’s era. And when we talk about mobile application development, we focus on various platforms like iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows.

Regulus’s mobile apps development services ensure users get rich experience with the application as well as attract users to use it again and again.

Application Maintenance

In any business the most important part is the maintenance of the application. As business needs change, developed application needs to be capable of accommodating those business changes as well as additional features. Also, for any service provider the most challenging job is to work on an existing business critical system.

Considering the importance of critical business applications, Regulus has developed process which understands importance of the business applications and services. Regulus assists you in customized application development as well as ongoing maintenance.

We provide services as part of application maintenance:

  • Ongoing minor changes and fixes
  • OS and SW patch management
  • Critical data extract for business analysis
  • New changes, minor improvements as per business need
  • Support during disaster recovery
  • Proactive monitoring

Application Testing

We understand what it takes to develop successful manual testing teams that cover the risks of failures in your systems. We offer wide variety of QA services and solutions with reliable testing processes for our customers by conforming to the good quality of testing standards.

We offer following QA services:

  • We provide a comprehensive range of on-shore, off-shore and QA services to global clients.
  • We offer the manual testing for Web Sites, Web Applications, and Windows Applications. We have expertise across the various domains like Education, Health Management, Various Social Communities, Accounts and Finance, Fund Raisers, Network Management, MIS etc.
  • We include the different types of testing technologies like Functionality and GUI, Installation, Integration, Regression, Performance - Load, Smoke, Sanity, and Acceptance etc.
  • We take a holistic view of the requirements to ensure quality through processes and methods like requirement analysis and elaboration though the creation and maintenance of PRD, test plans, test cases & scenarios that focus on preventing and detecting defects early on.
  • We offer various QA documentations like Functional Specifications, PRD, Application Feature Presentations, User Guides, and Release Notes.
  • We have experience of the creating help documentations using tools like HelpIQ and Powtoons.
  • We are used to various defect tracking systems like OnTime, IssueTracker, MS SharePoint Portal, HP QC, etc.

Offshore Development

The Offshore Development Center (ODC) has become a progressively popular business model for companies to help increase productivity and reduce operating expenses by offshore talent. The ODC model has also proven to be a highly effective tool for providing clients with greater brightness and probability in the development process. By selecting Regulus as an offshore software development center you get advantage of getting talented pool of resources at reasonable cost.

To increase ROI and reduce cost we help companies to setup their offshore development center. By selecting us as an offshore development center you reduce your overall cost, as you do not have to incur expenses on infrastructure, hiring talent & actual development / maintenance.

We have developed following projects offshore:

Wormhole is a community system for the companies those work in the space field. Here multiple communities are formed with different areas of expertise and social media integrations. Company can participate in the different communities and will have opportunity to expose their services and products. Participants can request for news, events, and advertisements. Upon approval and online payments, exposed to the communities. Suggestions are accepted from user and are implemented. Rolodex is social connection media on Wormhole. Demographics provides summary and status for the user (and outsiders) to view roll-up numbers regarding user’s connections in different aspects.

Screen shots:

MJS PTO is a website which manage Parent Teacher association of the school. It provides various entity relations across the school system. Entities that are available in this system are linked with each other. It includes different modules such as PT Directory Maker, PT Fundraiser, PT Signup, PT Emailer and PT Website.

Screen shots:

This is a parking management system designed for Jawaharlal Nehru Port in Navi Mumbai. It collects the details of the truck that utilizes the parking and generates check-in and check-out ticket for each. The system provides a professional way of managing all of the collected details of each vehicle and generating parking ticket for it. It brings up the transparency of the transactions of parking charge collection & settlements between operators-supervisors and supervisors-client. It provides a real-time access of parking related data to the managers and custom officers at JNPT. The tickets generated are compatible for printing on the thermal printers. The daily transactions export is available for analysis. The system is very fast, flexible and user-friendly.

Screen shots:

Testing: RallyUp is a Fundraising Website for Nonprofit and Personal Causes that has made the fundraising simpler and more successful. It is a flexible online platform lets user run creative fundraisers that grab attention and collect more funds. We have accomplished Test Planning, Test Cases & Scenarios writing. We also have performed Regression & Smoke Testing for it’s Beta version till date with it’s enlarged scope.

Development: We are involved in the development of Strava integration and online payment using Stripe.

Screen shots:

Waste Management System is a systematic waste collection application designed for a large scale US based company. The application consists of number of modules mainly subscription creation, work order creation, invoice generation and printing for the specified billing period. It also facilities to update the service address from the MapInfo. The application allows payment for the invoices generated.

Screen shots:

Network management solutions provide the unique benefit and capability of power, ease of use and reliability, quick deployment and are scalable to the most robust heterogeneous networks. The applications can generate alerts in case of un-expected behavior of the device. Patches can be applied to the monitored devices automatically on the scheduled intervals. Manual/Automatic tickets can be generated for the problems.

Screen shots:

ICICI - Hungama portal is developed for listing and selling the music files through ICICI bank.

The portal interacts with APIs to list the Albums from various categories on the portal. User can select multiple songs from these albums and purchase those. The payment gateway used here is of ICICI Net banking and once paid user gets a original MP3 file of the selected song(s).

Screen shots:

The Dealer Plate app is the easiest way to manage state mandated dealer plate audit logs. App quickly scan vehicle identification number (VIN) barcodes and automatically capture driver information to fill out the audit log.

The Dealer Plate application is an indispensable tool for accurately capturing all dealer plate activity to remain compliant.

Screen shots:

Forensic Science Laboratory web site is for track the employee time attendance details. Based on the role of the employee, employee can see, edit and add the details of the other employee. On the dashboard screen employee present count and total count of employees in the department are displayed based on the Department and Location.

On the attendance screen In Time, Out Time, Late, Present, Half day, Weekend, Holiday details of the employee are displayed. On the Calendar screen In Time and Out Time details of the Employee are displayed in the day, week and month format.

Screen shots:

IDBI Gift shop portal is developed for IDBI bank. It is listing of gift vouchers of various brands on the portal where user can purchase these gift vouchers and send them electronic vouchers to the desired person as a gift.

The payment gateway used here is of IDBI net banking and once the payment is successful, user receives the vouchers over email and on mobile phone in the form of SMS.

Screen shots:


  • Steve Bernat

    Izonim, Inc.
    Yatin and his team rewrote an ASP.NET/SQL Server web application for us and did an outstanding job. Their communication with us during the process was great, they understood our needs perfectly, and their technical skills are excellent. This is one of the best outsourcing experience we have. We are going to continue to work with Yatin and his team on other projects.
  • Peter J Nelson

    Assisted Living Soft, Inc.
    We have worked with Yatin for several months on extremely difficult and complex database projects. Yatin and his team of developers have satisfied all of the requirements with exceptional quality and speed in every aspect. Communication and understanding are also very strong points for this quality team. I give Yatin and RegulusIT my personal and professional highest recommendations.
  • Susan C.

    Digital Inspirations LLC
    Regulus did a great job completing the project, was very pleasant to deal with, and kept the communication going through e-mail and messaging to complete the project timely. It was a very enjoyable experience.
    Regulus' team took the time to help me to fine-tune the requirements of the project and very quickly was able to complete the project as described. Yatin is always pleasant to work with. Thank-you!
  • Shad M.

    "You have done a great job. Given that this is our very first project together, I think the results are really good so far. The program is generally what I had in mind and I think you have overcome the major initial learning curve really well. I am very optimistic about our chances of success in this project and beyond.
  • Richard

    Jersey City, New Jersey, U.S.
    Fantastic coder. Completed the job as listed and made sure everything was perfect. Complete satisfaction goes a long way.
  • Mark C.

    East Northport , New York state, U.S.
    Good coder. It was simple project, and he had no trouble with. He even made suggested improvements. Thanks again.
  • Brent LaFoley

    New York state, U.S.
    I have been very pleased with the work so far.
    Very good communication - I've especially appreciated the idea of presenting me with various options with your suggestions and then letting me choose (choosing the platform comes to mind). Very quick to understand not only the development needed, but the actual product and business behind it. Fast development - this is key for me. Your business process - how you manage your projects. Your willingness to determine various payment options and being flexible with my business. My only real concern is that we're not looking at the final product sometimes - literally the entire process for a customer - from website visiting, to account purchase, to use of the software and not just focusing on the product itself.

    Final comments: You all have done a wonderful job and I wish I had met you all about 3 years ago!


RITeSchool - School Management Software


Various Customized Modules

As per each school's requirement, RITeSchool includes multiple modules like - Accounts, Timetable, Fee, Payroll, House Mgmt., Homework and Assignments, Library, Inventory, Transportation, and many more.

School Administrative Support

Includes various supportive modules for School Administrator for Teachers reallocation, Bonafied Certificate, School Leaving Certificate, Staff Attendance and Leave Management, Form 16 and Tax management.

Supportive Features

Various supportive features are available to make the product more popular like Parent Teacher Association, Online fee payment, Online attendance, Image and Video gallery, Annual Planner, Staff Performance Evaluation, Management Dashboard.

100+ Reports Generation

Lots of reports having filtered data can be generated like IT Reconciliation Report, Time table, Vouchers, MIS Reports, XSEED Reports, Trial Balance Report, Muster Reports, Mark Sheet, Progress Report, Annual Report etc.

Effective Communication

We provide various communication options including Message center, SMS, Notice board, Online feedback forms, Support tickets by which user can get in touch with School 24 X 7. We provide 12000* Free SMSs per school.

Based on Latest Technologies

The RITeSchool - School Management Software is developed using latest technologies like ASP.NET 3.5, C#, AJAX, SQL Server 2008, Crystal Reports and with the help of some third party tools like Cute Editor, eWorld Controls, Form Panel, RJS calendar Controls.



RITeSchool is also available on mobile!!!

By keeping today's fast world in mind, we have created special website for mobile users. The mobile version of RITeSchool has all important functions which makes users the application accessible all the time.

Key functionally overview videos are available!!!

For easy understanding and operating RITeSchool effectively; we have launched videos to explain the important functionalities of RITeSchool. These videos are for school users as well as the parents.


  • Swarada Zagade

    RITeSchool Site User
    Although I am very new to the system, within first use of 15 minutes I am impressed by the UI and functionality available on this website. Great work by school panel and service provider. Please keep adding more. This surely will keep me connected with the school.
  • Disha Kankariya

    RITeSchool Site User
    Congratulations to the entire staff for providing us such good software. It gives all information required like attendance, fees, activities, etc. The most important thing, I would like to request all parents to read article called Children’s Self-Esteem….it is amazing. Thanks a lot.
  • Gargee Sairup

    RITeSchool Site User
    Very good initiative taken by school. Very well maintained website. Good features and user friendly. Fast accessible. Fast updation. Good work... Keep it up.
  • Prof. Satish N. Gujar

    RITeSchool Site User
    This is very good step up by School, they have started communication through this web/internt. we appreciate all the team working behind this.In the vacation Im right now in Nagpur still I got the .doc file for assignment in holidays.Thanking You.
  • Dr Yogendra Keche

    RITeSchool Site User
    All parents should be very thankful for preparation such software for parents and student. Very transparent and useful. We access to all the things including fees details, attendance,etc. One good thing I appreciate more that We can contact school personnel start from administration to school teacher to solve our queries.
  • Aastha Samir Agarwal

    RITeSchool Site User
    My daughter is studying in Junior KG B. Yesterday, I got a sms from the school, as such today i visited this website. Congratulations to entire staff of School, who has guided the software persons to make this kind of software. This software is very user friendly and has almost all the information, which any parents needs for their child on regular basis. We were worried about the fact, how we are going to interact with the school on regular basis, as meeting the teacher /admin /Principal is not easy, but this site provides the via media to do this as well Congratulations once again ! As of now, sitee looks to be perfect.

RITeParking - Parking Management Software


We offer to enhance systematic parking

ParkingDetection system monitors the actual occupancy of a parking lot, provides its managers with valuable information and navigates drivers all the way to an empty parking spot. ParkingDetection uses special cameras with advanced artificial intelligence for monitoring of parking lots. Our solution includes encrypted data transfer, web browser interface, mobile application for drivers with payment system and also a navigation system.

Innovative parking lots in cities

We have smart solution for Smart Cities and Private Parking. We designed Residential parking, P+R parking and Urban parking lots for Smart Cities and Highway rest areas, Shopping centres and Airport parking for Private Parking.

Smart residential parking

Thanks to the state-of-the-art technologies, we are able to provide maximal flexibility in regards to options of the parking policy. Reserved parking spots, time-limited parking or preferential parking for residents and their family members…An intelligent surveillance system is of course also a part of our solution.

Private Parking

Highway rest areas - We introduce intelligent highway rest areas, which are not only for making parking automated and easier but also have many other valuable functions, such as automatic detection of driving in wrong-way and other possibly dangerous situations on the parking lot (such as vehicle fire). Smart parking at shopping centers - Make your customers happier with technologies that will make parking much easier and faster, as they will be navigated to empty parking spots. Paying for parking has never been easier with our payment system. Automated airport parking lots - We introduce state-of-the-art parking technologies in practice. By upgrading the current airport camera system to an intelligent one, you can significantly increase parking efficiency and overall parking comfort.

Components of a smart parking lot

ParkingDetection is a complex and open ecosystem of technologies for smart parking – from sensorial part to software. Our solution enables integration into higher units according to the particular needs and requirements of your parking lot. Camera, Gateway and LED panel is used to enhance AI feature.


Product Outline

RITeHRMS enhances the scalability of your organization by simplifying the HR administrative actions from a central location. RITeHRMS is intuitive, simple to use and effective web based application for managing the "people basics" of the organization to share the burden of HR manager and higher authorities. It is a fully customizable system, which can be modified as per any organization's requirements.

HR Management Supportive Features

It is perfect HR assistant, featured with HR operations within a single platform that includes -

  • Organization Management
  • Attendance
  • Annual Planner
  • Menu & Docs Management
  • Inventory
  • Leave Management
  • Expenses
  • SMS Center
  • Hiring
  • Dashboard
  • Mobile App
  • Employee Management
  • Service Requests
  • Notice Board
  • Payroll
  • Biometric Attendance
  • Staff Performance
  • Message Center
  • Timesheet
  • Disciplinary
  • Employee Exit Procedure


Welcome to RegulusIT! A workplace that helps you nurture your ambitions and unleash your true potential.

Regulus is a place where work is challenging, where innovation and initiatives are rewarded and where employees are encouraged to leverage their strengths. Working with us means that you will have ample opportunities to get recognized and be visible.

For junior candidates, we look for good academic qualifications along with sound technical and analytical skills. Person should be good communicator (verbal and written). Person should learn the things quickly. To work well within a team, person should be motivated and willing to multi-task.

For senior candidates, we look for person whose profile matches with the company’s profile. Person should have excellent technical and analytical skills. Person should be open to sharing ideas with people on new developments in technology. Person should be self motivated, genuine, and passionate about what he does.

We have openings for following positions:

Sr. Software Engineer (For Phaltan branch) :-

2 to 4 years

Candidate should have deep understanding of Microsoft .NET technologies, architecture, configuration, deployment, and performance.
C#,, AJAX, Authentication and strong skills in SQL server is must, sound knowledge of software development methodologies and processes.

BE, MCA, MCS, MCM from reputed institutes with excellent academic record, excellent communication skills.

Trainee (For Pune and Phaltan branch) :-

0 to 1 year

Skills: We are looking for trainee .Net developers. We are giving technical areas below. We recommend that candidate either do some self study or do some crash course and then come well prepared for technical interview.

BE, MCA, MCS, MCM from reputed institutes with excellent academic record, excellent communication skills.

Preparation Topics
Sales and Marketing Executive :-

1 to 3 years

Good co-ordination and excellent interpersonal skills.
Good verbal and written communication (English, Hindi and Marathi).
Dynamic, aggressive, result oriented and self starter with an ability to work independently.
Decent knowledge of IT technologies.
Candidates with experience in IT sales / Concept selling will be given preference.

Any graduate with MBA.

If you are interested in exploring career opportunities at Regulus, please write to


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Our Offices and Contact Details

Regd. Office Address :-
S.No. 207, Tukai Darshan,
Opp: S.P.Infocity,
Pune - 412 308,
Maharashtra, India

Branch Office Address :-
Bunglow No. 19B, S. NO. 142, Acacia Garden - 3,
Magarpatta City,
Near Main Circle Magarpatta, Hadapsar,
Pune - 411 013,
Maharashtra, India

Branch Office - Phaltan :-
Plot No.-18, S. No. 212,
Mahadpura Peth (Maltan),
Pune-Phaltan Road,
Near Jinti Naka,
Phaltan - 415 523,
Maharashtra, India

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